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Below are links to web sites with tips and how to info on many photography topics.

If you want to know anything about anything, chances are YouTube has a video that explains everything on the subject. Photography is well covered and is a great resource.

For more detailed information on
certain kinds of photography,
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 The following are direct web sites that contain lots of free learning articles and videos Anthony Morganti  teaches Photoshop, Lightroom, & Luminar -- Gavin Hoey  teaches how to photograph different effects Julieanne Kost  teaches Lightroom and Photoshop -- Jesus Ramirez  teaches many photoshop techniques -- Piximperfect -- Solving Photoshop problems  Dave Morrow  has both videos and article  -- Scott Kelby  has a free section of videos -- Blake Rudis f64 Academy  help with Photoshop and  Lightroom